If you are experiencing trouble viewing or broadcasting video streams inside the Strigo classroom, here are a few things you can do that might solve the problem:

Make sure you are running a compatible browser

Strigo currently works on Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you are using a different browser at the moment, please switch to one of the above and re-enter the classroom. Don't worry, your lab status and other parts of the classroom will be there, exactly as you left them.

Run a self-service test

Use this link to run a connectivity, media access, and quality tests that will help to provide more details on the problem you are having and might lead to possible solutions.

Check for network restrictions

In some cases, a firewall or a blocked port can cause trouble with the video stream. If you can, try and switch to a different network connection or contact your network administrator to make sure there isn't anything blocking you from accessing the video stream.

For more information, see http://help.strigo.io/faq/whats-required-to-run-strigo.

Reset your browser

If you are running on one of the compatible browsers (specified above) and still having trouble with the video, consider closing your browser window completely, and re-launching it.

Ask one of the instructors for help

Once you've tried all of the usual suspects mentioned above, try approaching one of the instructors. They might be able to supply an immediate solution not listed above as well as contact the Strigo team directly to try and resolve the situation.

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