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Brand new to Strigo and need to know where to start

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In this tutorial we will quickly review the Strigo classroom environment.
To get started as a student you need to have an invitation to an event.

Joining a Training Event

As a student you may get invited to different events (courses). An invitation link will be sent you, and, optionally, an access token. These may look like so:
Event Link: https://app.strigo.io/event/gB38BrtepsZQWpPCY
Token: TK10

Once you open the link, you will see the event's welcome screen:

This means that the event hasn't started yet. Once the event has started, you will be able to access it:

Just enter your token and click "Enter the Classroom".

The Live Classroom

Strigo Live Classroom environment is a collaborative workspace aimed at helping the instructors in the event make teaching you as simple and as intuitive as possible. The same goes for students. You will be introduced with a navigation popup to help you get around.

By default, you will be following your instructor. The instructor may move between tabs (Whiteboard, Code Snippets, Presentation, etc..), move between presentation slides, share their screen and show their lab and you will automatically follow them.

You can follow and un-follow your present at anytime by using the "Follow Presenter" toggle.ย 

The Communication Panel

Depending on whether the instructor enabled it or not, the communication panel can be used to Chat with other instructors or students publicly, or privately, and see/hear the instructor via video.

You can also ask the speak (again, if the instructor allows it), and after receiving authorization, you can speak to the class.

You can always choose to have some quiet time and disable audio/video using the toggles on the upper right side of the communication panel.

Lab Time!

At some point, the instructor will ask you to go to your lab and start practicing. You can do that by clicking the "My Lab" tab. Whether you're learning on Linux or Windows machines, and whether you're learning code or how to configure a database, your lab is where things get really interesting.

Calling for Assistance
At any given moment, you can hail your instructor for help by clicking the "Call for Assistance" on the upper right side for the screen. You instructor will then be notified that you're in need of help and they can tap into your lab and help you solve the problem in question. Additionally, they can initiate a 1 on 1 audio/video call with you and chat with you until you're back on track.

The End of the Event

After having finished the course's material, the instructor will end the event:

Congratulations! You just became much smarter!

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