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Create a class template

How to create a reusable template containing the content for your course

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A class is a template containing the contents for running one or multiple training events.

The class contains a description of your material - your presentation, its notes, and a lab configuration.

When you're ready to create a class, click the "Classes" tab at the top navigation bar and then click "Create New":

Training Materials

The presentation is probably the first part of the class your students will be exposed to. 

In the class creation page, you can add your training materials:

  • Slides, currently only PDF

  • Video, Youtube/Vimeo Link

You can also add notes to the presentation to help give you context while you go through the slides with the students (only you and your training assistants will see the notes):

Configure a practice lab

Under "Configure Practice Lab", you can choose the lab each and every student is going to work on. Depending on the type of class you're teaching, the lab may be the place where your students will spend most of their time.

Labs run on cloud-based machines. Depending on the type of the lab you choose, a Linux or Windows machine will be provided to your students with a Terminal or Remote Desktop interface respectively.

You can choose a pre-made lab image provided by Strigo:

or your own image:

Make sure you read the fine-print when providing a custom image.

Choosing a pre-made vs. custom image depends, of course, on what you want to teach. A pre-made image probably does not contain the software you want your users to explore, so you will have to guide them through installing whatever they need for class. On the other hand, providing a custom image allows you to provide any and all software dependencies required for class. e.g. assuming you want to train people on Kubernetes, you can simply create a custom image to accommodate for that.

Once you're done editing your class, click "Save Class".

Note that at any given moment, you can edit your class and the changes will apply to all scheduled and live training events. If you choose a different lab used by a live event, you will have to recreate all labs for students currently logged in to events created for that class.

If you want to create a training event now, simply click the "Schedule Event" button on the top right. You can also schedule any number of events for this class, later.

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