Create and start a training event

How to schedule a training session, add training assistants, and start teaching

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A training event is a single, time-bound instance of a class template. You can read about creating a class template here.

An event consists of start and end dates, a set of event specific configuration options, an optional attendees list and training staff choices.

Let's schedule an event. 

You have two options for creating training events. One is through the class template page, via the “Schedule Event” button at the top right part. The second option is to go to the Events page and use the “Create New” button at the top right part, like so:

In the event creation page, name your event and choose the start and end times. You will need to select a class template, and optionally add an event description.

The event's name and description will appear on the student's screen when they first attend the event.
The start and end dates you specify will determine when the event can be started. when the event reaches its end date, the classroom will be shut down and all of the students' labs will go down with it. Once live, events can be extended from the classroom interface.

Enabling event communication options

Communication is an important part of instructor-led training. The way your interact with your students may dictate whether training is good, or bad.
To accommodate for that, Strigo supports chat and live video broadcasts in your event.

Tip: You can go back to edit an event even while it's running. This means that if, for instance, you forgot to enable chat, you can go back, enable it, save the changes, and your event will suddenly, as if out of no-where, support chatting.

Choosing your training staff

A single event consists of a host and zero or more training assistants. Training assistants you wish to add to the event must be part of your organization on Strigo.
During the live event, training assistants can be selected as presenters as well as assist students in their lab, taking some of the burden off your shoulders.

More information on how to create your team and add more instructors to your organization, can be found here.

By default, you will be chosen to host the event you're creating, but you can also choose another host from your organization.

You can choose one or more training assistants by clicking the "Add Training Assistants" link under the "Choose Attendees" section.

Note: You can add training assistants and change the host even after the event has started.

Once you've done modifying your event, you can just click the "Schedule Event" button and the event will be scheduled and viewable in the main events page:

Inviting students

After scheduling the training event, it's time to share the invitation details with the students and training assistants. You can learn all about how to invite your students here.

Starting your training event

In order for your invitees to join the session, you must start the training event. After starting the event, students and training assistants that have the session's link will be able to access it and join the classroom.

Only the event's host can start the event.
To do so, click the event link in the event's summary page (the first page to appear once you're done scheduling an event).

The link should take you to the event's welcome page, where you where you can start the event.

Congratulations! You have successfully created and started a training event and are now ready to deliver your training.

Further reading on administrating your training event can be found here.

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