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Create and manage your team

How to invite additional instructors to your team and manage them

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While your organization may consist of a single instructor, you can also build a training team. 

The training team can create classes and host events independently from the organization's owner and optionally, as per user permissions, invite other instructors and set their permissions.

Why invite your team members to Strigo?

Adding team members can have great benefits for your training quality and scale. On top of hosting their own training events, team members can be set as Training Assistants (or TAs, for short) in your training events. Training assistants can help students throughout the course by connecting to the labs and helping them (hands-on), and getting permission to present to the students.

Available roles and their permissions


  • Full edit rights on classes, events, and on-demand courses

  • Add/remove team members, set roles

  • Access to billing settings and reports

  • Access to the API key

Training manager

  • Full edit rights on classes, events, and on-demand courses

Training coordinator

  • View-only rights on classes

  • Full edit rights on events and on-demand courses


  • View-only rights on classes and on-demand courses

  • Full edit rights on events

Start building your team

The "Team" page is where you manage your team.

You can invite new members by clicking the "Invite a Member" button at the top.

This will send an email invitation to the address you specified. Once an invitation is accepted, the new member will show up on the list of members.

Managing pending invitations is done by clicking the "Pending Invitations" tab.

Clicking a member will allow you to view more information on them, manage their permissions, or remove them from the organization.

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