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Manage your billing settings

How to modify credit card settings, and see your invoices and usage

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Once you're ready to start using Strigo for your training, you will need to setup a credit card. In Strigo's management portal, you can view your outstanding usage for the current billing period, view your invoice history, and setup billing details.

To access the billing section, go to the profile menu and click "Billing":

You will be redirected to overview of your usage for the current billing period: 

Here, you can see how many training hours you accomplished, events you hosted and attendees you trained. Additionally, you can see your per-usage fee.

You can also view and download your billing history by clicking on "Invoice History".

Under "Billing Settings", you can setup your payment details:

Here, you can add a credit card, provide your invoice details and update your email address to which invoices will be sent.

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