Use the whiteboard

Pass dynamic pieces of information not found in your presentation

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The whiteboard can come in handy if you forgot to add something to your presentation, or wish to explain a certain point through additional text or a sketch.

When you want to use the whiteboard, make sure the "Present Mode" toggle is on and access the whiteboard section via the left navigation panel. You can move between text and sketching by using the tabs at the top.
Following attendees in the classroom will see what you are seeing.

Note: While students and training assistants cannot (by default) edit the whiteboard, assigning a training assistant to present will allow them to edit it.

Writing Text

You can apply basic textual styling, coloring, alignment and create lists.


You can apply different brush sizes and colors, erase, or clear the page.

The whiteboard is where you can get creative during training. Enjoy!

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