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Your way to share pieces of code for students to use throughout training

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You can add code-snippets during your training event. This allows you to show students how to solve a certain problem, or provide them with a solution when required.

To share a code snippet with the class, first go to the code-snippets section, and then use the Create New" button at the top. You can add any amount of code-snippets required for your training event. While students cannot edit code-snippets, they will be able to view and copy them.

Choosing the language, will apply code highlighting and formatting automatically for that specific language.

You can name your code snippets by clicking their name at the top left side of the snippet. You can delete a snippet or change its language by using the context buttons on the top right of each snippet.

While not currently supported, we are aware of the fact you might want to provide code-snippets as part of class, so that you don't have to reconfigure them with every event. This will be supported in the future.

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