Share your screen

Share a single app or your entire screen with the rest of the classroom

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Screen-sharing provides great value for covering any real-time presentation of material not currently supported by the classroom.

To share your screen, click the "Screenshare" tab on the left navigation bar and click the "Share My Screen" button.

You will then be prompted to choose whether you want to share you entire screen or a specific application.

Once you've chosen what to show, your students will see your screen (in this case, a Kibana example running on the instructor's lab):

Note: Students cannot interact with your screen.

This screen-sharing functionality greatly complements your ability to share your lab with the classroom. A good use-case for this can be if you provide AWS accounts to students as part of the training (something Strigo will support in the future), and want your students to use AWS's Console to complement lab work. Let's also say that you want to show them what to do before they go on and do it. While we intend to allow collaborating over web-interfaces in the future, for now, you could load the AWS Console in your browser and share your screen.

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