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Manage and assist learners
Manage and assist learners

How to assist students in their lab

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Any interaction, aside from communication-related interaction with students, takes place in the "Attendees" tab. You can recreate or restart labs for one or more students; view who's in need of assistance; and connect to their labs to assist them. Recreating labs, for instance, is a good way to help a student who may have damaged their lab environment and made it inaccessible.

To recreate or restart labs, tick the checkbox next to the student(s), choose the desired action from the "Select Action" box at the top, and click "Go!".

Tip: You can replace the lab for all students to a completely different lab in the middle of the training event by choosing another lab in the management interface, and then replacing it as is described above.

Visiting labs

The event's host and training assistants have the ability to join any of the attendees' labs. This can be due a student requesting help or just as a quick visit to see how they are doing.
This collaborative lab session maybe anything from installing software or debugging it, to writing code or anything else you could think of.

Assistance requests by students will show up in the panel next to their name. Hovering over the student, will reveal a "Visit Lab" button. Click it, and at once, you will see their Terminal or Remote Desktop session.

This session is special in that it is interactive. You and the student together can work on the same lab, at the same time.

Tip: The same things can be done between hosts/training assistants. "Visit Lab" works for everyone.

One on one video sessions during lab visits

If video was enabled for the training event, you can also initiate a one on one session by clicking the "Initiate 1 on 1 Session" button on the top right part of the screen. Once clicked, an invitation will be sent to the student. If they accept, a video/audio session will commence in which you will be able to see and hear one another.

Once you're done helping a student, you can disconnect from their lab by clicking the "Disconnect" button at the top and end the one on one session by clicking the "End" button at the top right.

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