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Manage event communication
Manage event communication

Get the most out of the communication tools in the Strigo classroom

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Strigo supports two communication methods:

  • Audio/Video

  • Private/Public textual Chat

For information on how to enable or disable communication options for an event, see Enabling event communication options.

Assuming both video and chat are enabled, the communication panel (on the right) will look something like this:

Audio and Video

The upper part of the panel allows you to control both video and audio. After clicking the "Start Broadcasting" button, students will be able to see you. You can stop broadcasting video or mute audio at any time by using the buttons on the top right.


Strigo's classroom supports hand-raising by the attendees in the classroom. The current classroom presenter is responsible for enabling/disabling this option for the attendees. To allow hand-raising, use the toggle located below the video section. This will reveal an "Ask to Speak" button for all other attendees, which will appear on their communication panel below the video section, like so:

Raise hand requests from attendees will be added to a queue available to the presenter. From this queue, the presenter can accept or reject requests. Accepting a request will send an invitation to the requesting attendee, and upon accepting the invitation, the attendee will be allowed to broadcast  to the classroom via video and audio.
When the student is done, they can stop broadcasting. You can manage their broadcast by using the buttons on the top right.


The bottom part of the panel allows you to use the public/private chat. By default, public chat is selected, and anything you write can be seen by all other students and instructors. If you wish to conduct a private chat, simply click the context button (Hamburger icon on the top right part of the chat area) and you will be presented with a list of instructors and students to choose from. After choosing someone, writing anything in the chat panel will send a private message to them. In turn, they will see a notification dot appearing on the context button. Once clicked, they will be able to respond.

Enjoy communicating!

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