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Getting to know your classroom environment
Getting to know your classroom environment

A single training environment for both lecture and lab parts of the training

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If you're attending a training session running on Strigo, the classroom environment is where you'll probably be spending most of your time. Everything from seeing slides, looking at the whiteboard, tracking code-snippets or working in your lab takes place in this environment.

The environment is split into three main areas:

  • The left navigation bar - allowing you to move between class sections.

  • The right communication panel - where you can manage video and chat and (if enabled) raise your hand.

  • The middle content area - where the class's contents are presented.

Moving between the different class sections, such as slides, whiteboard or your lab is done via the left navigation bar. By default, your location in the classroom is synced with that of the current presenter, when the presenter jumps between the presentation and the whiteboard, shares their screen, skips slides or views their lab, you will follow.

There are two ways to indicate if you are following the presenter or not, one is the "Follow Presenter" toggle, and the second is the color of the navigation. Green means you are synced with the presenter.

You can break the sync between you and the current presenter at any time, to do that, you simply need to navigate to your desired destination. Navigating to a different slide or moving between the different class section will automatically break the sync with the presenter and you will be able to continue navigating freely in the classroom, this is especially useful if you need another look at a slide the presenter just passed or need some more time to complete a lab exercise.

When you are not in sync with the presenter, the toggle will be off and the navigation will appear in blue.

Syncing back with the presenter is just as easy, simply turn the "Follow presenter" toggle back on and you're back to following the presenter around.

Changing your profile picture and name

Use the profile icon in the top left to change your name and picture as well as logging out of the classroom.

Click here for more information on using your lab.
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