Attending a training event

You've received an invitation to learn something new. Now what?

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You've received an invitation to a training event. The invitation will most probably include a link that looks somewhat like this:

You've also received the start date and time for when the event is going to start.

Great, now what?

Making sure your system is ready

To ensure you don't run into technical difficulties during training, and to get the most out of the classroom experience, we highly recommend that you first go through our system-test. You can also manually validate your configuration as per our prerequisites list before joining the training session.

Accessing the training event

On the specified date and time, use the link supplied by the course provider to access the event with either a Chrome or Firefox browser.

Note: You can only access events in the designated time and date and once their host has started them. If the time has come for the event to begin and you still cannot access it, please contact the company you've registered with.

Creating your unique student ID

Before entering the classroom, you'll need to fill out a 3 field form in order to create your student ID.
Student IDs are used by Strigo to associate lab resources and other elements of the training session to a specific student, and also to verify enrollments for private events.ย 

The email and password you enter will become your Strigo login details. You can use them in case you log out of the classroom and need to get back in, as well as access future training events from this course provider. This sign-up process is immediate, there is no need to wait for a confirmation email of any kind.
The name field determines how other attendees see you inside the classroom - your Display Name.

Enter a token (not always required)

Some events may require that you to enter a 4 digit token. This access token should be provided to you by the event's organizer. Paste it in and click "Enter the Classroom".

Joining the classroom

After creating your student account, you will be taken directly to the classroom. It's time to get to get to know your classroom environment

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