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Your very own cloud-based lab has everything you'll need to complete the hands-on exercises

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The lab is where you, as a student, complete hands-on exercises as a part of the training. The lab is automatically provisioned for you when you enter the classroom and has everything you need to complete the exercises.

You can access your lab by clicking the "My Lab" tab on the left navigation bar:

Note: If your lab is based on Linux machines, you will be able to open and close tabs.

At the top navigation bar, the cogwheel icon allows you to restart your lab or to show some info which will allow you to connect to it locally.

Connecting Locally

Let's say you're running a Jupyter notebook in your lab and would like to view its web interface.

By clicking the cogwheel and then clicking "Connect From Local", you can use the machine's publicly facing interface to connect to it.

So assuming your notebook runs on the default 8888  port, you can copy the machine's public DNS address to the browser and view the notebook at e.g. .

TIP: If you're running a Linux lab and would like to connect to it via SSH using your own ssh key, you could add your privately generated key using Strigo's web interface, and then use the DNS address, user and your generated key to connect to it.

Troubleshoot problems with your lab

If your lab stops working for any reason (misconfiguration, or otherwise), turn to your instructor so that they can replace it. Depending on the type of lab, replacing it may takes anywhere between 30s to several minutes.

Calling for lab assistance


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