Use custom lab images

The process for creating a lab image you can use with Strigo

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You can decide what goes inside the lab your students work on during the training, depending on the software you require for your training session. To do that, you will have to work with a custom lab image.

Strigo’s lab machines run on the AWS infrastructure and use images called AMIs.

Creating and using your own AMIs

Since we understand you will want to provide images containing your own software, we also support any other Linux or Windows AMI you provide.

To use an AMI you provide, you will have to:

  1. Create the AMI in your AWS account.

  2. Make sure the AMI either exists in the same region as specified in the Lab Resource in the Class template in Strigo, or make the AMI public.

  3. Make the AMI accessible to Strigo's AWS account.

To create your own AMI, please refer to the following articles:

To make your AMI accessible to Strigo, please either:

  1. Share your image with Strigo's account: 214514861431.

To choose your AMI as part of a class template, see Creating a class template.

Using an AMI from the AWS Marketplace

If you are not looking to create your own custom image, Strigo also allows you to utilize AWS's massive AMI selection to your benefit. More information on this can be found here

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