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Strigo's REST API

How do I go about using the REST API for integrating with Strigo?

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Strigo exposes a RESTful API for developers to use. The API allows you to perform actions and retrieve information about things like events, classes, on-demand courses, and more.


For your organization to use the API, a member with Admin privileges must first generate an API key. To know your role and your team members' roles, please refer to the Team page, as detailed here.

Note: Currently, we only allow a single API Key per organization. In the future, we will provide more complex, granular authentication mechanisms.

The orgId and apiKey fields are accessible in the Account Settings page in Strigo's management console, under Authentication Credentials.

To authorize an HTTP request to the API, include the following header:
Authorization: Bearer orgId:apiKey 

API Reference

More information and an API reference can be found here.

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