Enroll students to an on-demand course
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After creating an on-demand course, it's time to enroll your students.

It is important to note that Strigo does not currently notify the students of their enrollment. After enrolling them to the Strigo course, you will have to notify them in your preferred way (i.e. Email, LMS) and provide them with the link to the Strigo course.
You have two ways of enrolling students to your course:

  1. Using the UI

  2. Using Strigo's APIs

Let's explore these two options:

Enrolling your students using the UI

To do this, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the on-demand area inside Strigo's management dashboard.

  2. Click the course you want to enroll students to.

  3. Click the green Enroll button, located at the top right.

  4. Inside the prompted dialog, enter the student's email address.

  5. Click the blue Enroll button in the dialog.

Enrolling your students using Strigo's APIs

Strigo's REST APIs can be used to automate the enrollment process. You can do that be either creating a small script to batch-enroll a pre-existing list of learners or by integrating your LMS.
More information on how to use Strigo's APIs can be found here

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