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Troubleshoot lab problems for on-demand learners
Troubleshoot lab problems for on-demand learners

Help students in case something is wrong with their lab

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During on-demand training, students might encounter problems with their lab that prevent them from progressing with their training. These problems may occur for different reasons: it might be something the student did inside their lab, something not correctly configured with the lab image or perhaps a rare virtual machine problem.

Luckily, Strigo offers an easy way for the training team to troubleshoot these problems.
After being approached by the student having problems with the lab, you can either remotely restart the lab, or completely replace it with a fresh one to help with the situation.
Please note that replacing the environment with a fresh one means the student will lose their work up until that point.

To restart or replace your student's lab, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the on-demand area in Strigo's management dashboard

  2. Go to the course to which the student is enrolled to

  3. Check the box next to the student's name

  4. Click on your desired action

And that's it!
Hopefully this should help your students get on with their work and completing their on-demand course.

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