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Monitor your learners' engagement level and classroom activity
Monitor your learners' engagement level and classroom activity

Get a clear picture of what is going on in the classroom during training

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One of the most challenging things about delivering training is making sure students stay engaged. In this article, we describe how Strigo provides a sense of just how engaged your students are with the content you're delivering.

During live training, this is the information you get about each student:

  • Is the student currently active/inactive

  • For inactive students - when were they last seen

  • Is the student currently following you as you are presenting

  • What content is the student currently interacting with

You also get a classroom engagement meter as a high-level, at-a-glance metric to tell how you're doing.

Let's dive in and see how you can access this information and how Strigo generates it.

Engagement metrics widget

The widget is displayed when hovering over the lower part of the left navigation panel, where you can see a user icon and the number of active users currently in the session. The widget provides an overview of what is going in on in the classroom and is available only to the current presenter.

Classroom engagement meter

At the top of the widget, we have the engagement meter that shows you the overall engagement level of the classroom. It shows the percentage of active attendees in the classroom.

Active attendees' current interactions

In the middle section of the widget, you see how many of the active attendees are interacting with each content type in the classroom.

Assistance calls

At the lower part of the widget, you can see how many attendees have require your assistance in their lab.

The attendees dashboard

Clicking the attendees area or the 'Manage attendees' button from the engagement widget takes you to the attendees dashboard. Here, you can get engagement information for individual attendees in the classroom.

For each attendee, you can see:

  • What content are they currently interacting with

  • Are they currently following you, meaning their position in the classroom is synced with yours

  • For inactive attendees - when was their last activity in the classroom

How Strigo measures activity

Strigo considers a user to be active when:

  • They have the virtual classroom tab in focus in the browser window

  • They interacted with the virtual classroom tab in the last 20 minutes (this includes mouse gestures and keyboard input)

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