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Every good lab experience starts with great guidance. Strigo's lab exercises help you provide your learners with the needed guidance through structured, easy-to-access lab exercises. The exercises are displayed side-by-side with the lab's interface, saving you the hassle of sharing external PDFs or links and reducing context-switching for your learners.

This article explains how Strigo's built-in lab exercises feature works and how to add exercises to your training materials.

How does it work

Lab exercises are a part of your class template. You add them using a built-in editor in the class template's edit page.

Whenever you schedule an ILT event or configure an on-demand course using a class template that contains exercises, they will show up in the learner's workspace, side-by-side with the lab resources, like so:

Note: Only the students can see lab exercises in live events!

How to add an exercise to a class template

  1. On your class template page, scroll down to the Lab Exercise section.

  2. Click the Add Exercise button to create a new exercise.

  3. Give your exercise a title

  4. Use the built-in editor to fill in the exercise’s content. You can embed hosted images or videos, and also add code examples by styling your text as code.

How to test your exercises

You have two options for seeing your exercises in action:

Instructor-Led Events

  1. Schedule an event using a class template that contains exercises.

  2. Check the "Include Lab Exercises" checkbox.

  3. Start the event as the event host.

  4. Log in to the event as a learner (Exercises are currently only shown in learner workspaces).


  1. Set the class to the one you added the exercises to.

  2. Enroll yourself in the course and then visit the course link.

Important note: Edits to exercises in a class template will not affect running on-demand and ILT events as these use a cached version of the exercises that was available when they were initiated.

How to track your students' progress

Instructor-Led Events

During a live event, visit the attendees' dashboard and look for the Exercises Progress column where you will be able to see on which exercise each of your learners is.


Tracking your learners' progress can be done via the UI as well as our API.
To see which exercise each of your students is currently in, visit the on-demand course page and look for the Exercises Progress column in the enrollments table. Alternatively, you can acquire this information through our On-demand course enrollment API.

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