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Configure lab interfaces

Provide your students with direct interfaces to their labs

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As part of your training, you may want to provide your students with different interfaces to their labs. Strigo lets you configure direct, web-based lab interfaces which are made available to the students right from within the training environment.

Strigo currently offers three types of interfaces:

Desktop interface

Remote desktop access for training on desktop applications or web-based applications via the lab's web browser.

Note: This feature currently supports Windows Server 2016 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Terminal interface

Web-based shell for direct SSH access to the lab. This feature supports all major Linux distributions.

Web interface

A web interface that displays the content hosted by a publicly accessible web server. The server can run on students' lab instances or anywhere else.

This article doesn't cover Web Interfaces. For More info check the dedicated article.

Note: Out of the three types, this one is the only one that is not collaborative.

Setting up your lab interfaces

After adding a lab resource, click the Edit Interfaces button

You should now be in front of the lab interface dialog, below are instructions on how to set up your desired interfaces.

Default Interface

This section allows you to change whether the lab resource will be accessible via a terminal or a desktop interface.

Windows-based resources default to a desktop interface, while Linux-based resources default to a terminal interface.

Note: At the moment, it's only possible to change the default interface for custom, Linux-based resources.

See the lab interfaces in action

The interfaces that you set up will be available inside the training environment

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