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How to utilize Strigo's GitHub integration to fetch exercises into your class template

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While we allow manually configuring exercises within the class template, manually writing exercises may become cumbersome if the number of class templates you maintain increases, or if you often change exercise content.

To that end, Strigo offers a GitHub integration that allows fetching exercises from either public or private GitHub repositories.

This should help you streamline exercise management, and keep your exercises version-controlled so that you can always go back and see how your course materials developed with time.

Note: This feature is currently in Beta, and may not be available to you. If you'd like to use this, please reach out to us.

To fetch exercises:

Connect Strigo with GitHub (only required for private repos)

Your Strigo admin should run through the (very short) process of connecting Strigo to GitHub:

  1. Go to your Strigo account settings page.

  2. Click "Authorize Strigo for GitHub" and follow the instructions.

  3. Ask your GitHub organization admin to install the Strigo GitHub app.

Create exercise files in your repo

We currently support the following file formats:

Note: We are aware of the fact that some companies use asciidoc, and we're considering accommodating that need.

Simply include correctly formatted files somewhere in your repo. Each file should represent a single exercise.

The files can include images and videos, and specially formatted text (as per the relevant file format you're using). We'll take care of extracting everything.

Configure your exercises repo

You can then configure your exercises repository with a .strigo/config.yml. This file must be specially formatted for Strigo to be able to get the relevant exercise files for each class.

Note: You can use a single repository for single or multiple class templates.

Configure your class template to fetch from the repository

Once you have everything ready, simply:

  1. Edit your class template.

  2. Choose to fetch exercises from GitHub.

  3. Insert your repository's URL (HTTPS, not SSH), and the relevant branch.

  4. Click "Fetch Exercises".

  5. Click "Save Class".

That's it! Your exercises should now be added to the class template.

Note: Any changes to the class exercises will only take effect in future events/newly started enrollments!

Note: We intend on allowing a completely automated process of updating exercises every time a repository is updated (via REST API or polling). For now, you'll have to "re-fetch" the exercises every time you want to update the class template.

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