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Improve classroom engagement and allow learners to brainstorm with Breakout Rooms

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Breakout rooms will enable you to break your classroom into smaller groups, where the learners (and instructors) can collaborate. Room members can communicate through A/V and chat, as well as present their lab, slides and whiteboard. Rooms can be populated manually or via a shuffle button. Room members can call for assistance, and trainers can hop between rooms and visit learners' labs.

Breakout rooms are a great way to enhance discussions, collaboration and engagement in the classroom. Popular use cases include: creating rooms by customer/partner, assisting learners who experience difficulties without interrupting the rest of the class, and enabling group exercises, discussions, brainstorming sessions, etc.

How to enable breakout rooms:

  1. Hover over the attendees’ button in the bottom left

  2. Select Manage Attendees from the flyout panel

  3. Select Rooms at the top of the attendees' list

  4. Select the number of rooms you need

  5. Select the + sign to manually assign attendees or select the shuffle icon to randomly assign learners to rooms

  6. Select Open rooms

  7. Start rooms session confirmation will pop up, select start session


  • The number of rooms you can create is based on how many attendees you have. Each room needs at least one attendee.

  • You have to be in the same room as your learner to be able to visit their lab.

Closing breakout rooms

When you have finished the breakout rooms sessions you can go ahead and close the rooms to bring all the learners back to the main classroom. Your learners will receive a pop up stating the breakout rooms have ended and are now being sent back to the main classroom.

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