Strigo Events Report provides you with insightful data on the activity that happened during your live event. You can quickly see the percentage of learners active and at what time they were most active, the number of chats sent, and lastly how long each learner was active.

Activity Timeline

Within the activity timeline we present activity over time. You can hover over the graph to see the exact value for that time.

  • y axis represents the percentage of learners

  • x axis represents time with the starting point of the event.

The report shows in 12 hour increments with the starting point being the beginning of the event. If you have a multi day event you will have to utilize the dropdown to pull the timeframe you're looking for. For multi day events you will most likely see 12 hours with data and 12 hours without.

Chat Participation

User overview: allows you to see the split between the numbers of chats sent by trainers and learners

Learners chat sent: allows you to see in total how many chats the learners have sent.

Note: These reports include private chats.

Enrollee table

This report provides you with a list of all learners who attended the live event along with how active they were. You also have the ability to download this report into a CSV.

Note: You can exclude any test events from your reports by selecting the exclude from reports checkbox. This checkbox can be found upon event creation and also on the finished event.

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