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Strigo's IP addresses
Strigo's IP addresses

IP addresses used by Strigo

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These IP addresses are used by Strigo's backend when accessing the public web:



Add these to your IP access list when using Webview and proxying content via Strigo backend.

Firewalls on Lab instances

If you have firewall configured and active on the lab instances, you need to make sure that you don't block Strigo backend incoming traffic.

Always make sure that traffic from any IP in the Strigo IP list ( is allowed to pass through.

You can use the content of this page to automate any firewall configuration.

Outgoing traffic from lab instances

By default, any lab instance will receive a random IP from AWS's IP pool.

As this pool is quite large, it's impractical to attempt create firewall rules that cover it entirely.

If you require your labs to send outgoing traffic from a known IP range, contact our sales team for further details.

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