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How you can record a live event within Strigo

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Live event recording allows Instructors to record their live event video and audio. The recorded files will be uploaded to a cloud file storage service, and will be accessible using Strigo's management system. The recording will be in the perspective of the learner.

Note: This feature is currently in alpha.

How to record a Live Event:

  1. Select Events

  2. Select Create new

  3. Under Classroom Configuration set the Recording toggle to on

Note: When starting the live event you and your learners will receive a prompt letting you know the event is being recorded. Your learners will need to consent to the recording by selecting Continue or Leave. Also, you will see an indication to the left of the video showing the event is being recorded.

Once the event is finished, you will be able to see the recording in the event report.

How to access your Live Event recording:

  1. Select Events

  2. Select Finished

  3. Select your event

  4. Your recording will show under Class Activity

Note: The recording will be in the perspective of a learner.

Limitations and Known Issues

  • Max recording quality is 720p.

  • A recording will be split to clips up to 4 hours long.

  • No stop/pause commands are available. Once enabled, the recording will continue till the end of the event.

  • Once the event starts, the recording cannot be turned on/off.

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