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Zapier integration
Zapier integration

Using Strigo's Zapier integration to automate your training operations

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Note: Strigo's Zapier integration is currently in open beta. While in beta the integration may break!

Integrations are key in working with any platform nowadays. You may have an LMS you want to integrate with Strigo to enroll learners in on-demand courses or schedule private events with a list of attendees who've registered through your portal. Alternatively, you may want to trigger certain actions, like sending an email to enrolled learners, or notify a new trainer within your organization when they're added to your Strigo training team.

Thankfully, Strigo's Zapier integration will allow you to do just that by utilizing Zapier's many integrations.

Strigo's Zapier integration allows you to perform actions in other services based on things happening within Strigo (e.g. a user was enrolled in an on-demand course), as well as manage Strigo based on things happening in other services.

While in beta, as we're working on publishing our app in Zapier's app directory, you can use the following link to try out the integration:

Note: As it stands now, you'll have to provide Zapier with your organization's ID and API key as described here. In the future, we may provide a more seamless authentication experience.

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