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Tips for learners in a live class
Tips for learners in a live class

Tips for how to call for assistance, raise your hand to contribute, and chat with your class and directly to other learners.

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Call for Assistance

For when students want to directly identify to the instructor that they need help in their “lab” they can call for assistance. This notifies the instructor(s) that they are in need of direct help.

  • Located in the students “lab” (Cloud Icon in their Learning Environment)

  • Top Right Hand Corner, Right next to the “presenters” video box

  • Looks like a circle, and when they hover over it will say “call for assistance”

Raise Hand

For when students want to share ideas/questions with the class as a whole. This notifies the teacher that they “raised their hand”. The teacher then can know to unmute the student so they have the audience's attention.

  • Located at all times in the right hand panel

  • Right side, directly beneath the presenter's video box, third icon on the right.

  • Identified as an icon of a person raising their hand

Chat to specific people

In the chat box on the right, tell students to click the 3 lines stacked together next to “public”.

  • Once they click this, they will see a list of participants and can chat them directly

  • Includes chatting to TA or Host (these people are identified with their role)

  • They can “search” or scroll natively to find whomever they wish to chat directly with, versus the entire class.

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