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Embed Strigo on-demand

How to make sure Strigo on-demand labs are embedded properly for the best experience

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There are multiple ways and platforms to provide a learning experience, and using an LMS (Learning Management System) is a common standard that provides the administration and delivery of educational courses to the learners.

With Strigo, you can get a hands-on on-demand lab environment inside your LMS to bring active learning into the learning experience.

How to embed a Strigo on-demand course

Get the embeddable link

  1. Go to the ON-DEMAND page in Lounge.

  2. Click on the course you'd like to embed.

  3. Copy the embeddable link for your on-demand course.

Embedding Strigo

  1. In your LMS course, create an HTML page training material.

  2. Add the script:

    <iframe src="<embeddable_course_link>"></iframe>

  3. Replace <embeddable_course_link> with the link you copied before.

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