Strigo Academy - Linking to external courses

Direct your learners' attention to courses hosted outside of your app

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What if one or more of your courses are simply hosted elsewhere (let's say, your LMS)? Instead of trying to embed those courses within your app (which may prove to be a bad experience), Strigo allows you to define a course that will simply open a link in a new tab. The idea here is to have a single source of courses, even if some of them are opened externally for whatever reason.

So how does that work?

Create an external course

When creating a course, choose the External Content option:

Link to the external content

Just put the URL of the external course:

Then save the course.

How do external courses show in the Strigo Academy?

Your learners should then see the course with the relevant link.

Clicking on the course will simply open the link in a new browser tab.

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