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Using courses you already have in SCORM and playing them in-app

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You may have courses already created using SCORM. Instead of having to recreate a course in Strigo, you can upload your course, and it will be played in the Strigo Academy in your web app.

Important Note: The experience of presenting SCORM in a side panel will vary depending on the authoring tool you used to build it.

Upload SCORM

  1. When creating a course, select "SCORM Upload":

  2. Set the course's name.

  3. Upload the SCORM file:

    Note: Depending on your upload speed and your file size, it may take several minutes for the upload to complete.

  4. You will see the SCORM file when the upload completes:

How SCORM courses play in the Strigo Academy

This is an example SCORM course rendered within the academy panel.

Again, the experience will depend on how the course is structured.

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