If you are able to see your instructors on video but can't hear them, here are a few things you can do that might solve the problem.

Check your computer audio is not muted

Do a quick check just to make sure your computer volume is not set to very low or muted.

Make sure you are running a compatible browser

Strigo currently works on Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you are using a different browser at the moment, please switch to one of the above and re-enter the classroom. Don't worry, your lab status and other parts of the classroom will be there, exactly as you left them.

Quick fix for Chrome users

The latest versions of Chrome (version 71 or later) prevent auto-playing videos from playing with sound. This causes attendees to see the instructors on video but with no audio.
If you are experiencing this, please try clicking on the video stream, anywhere on the video area should do the trick. Hopefully this should enable audio so you can both see and hear your instructor now.


Still experiencing audio problems in the classroom?
Here are a few more things you can do that might help. Troubleshooting video problems in the classroom.

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