A list of the most commonly asked questions (and even some answers)

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Can I change my account's name?
How to pull your machine info?
How to configure the hard drive on my machine?
A/V troubleshooting
Can I copy-paste in desktop lab machines?
What to do if I cannot access my on-demand environment?
I have a problem with audio/video in a live class.
Can I use a lab image based on an AWS Marketplace AMI?
I got a lab error. What should I do?
Can I run an event with multiple trainers?
How are lab networks configured in Strigo?
Can I extend the time in my on-demand lab?
Can I set up more than one lab resource per student?
Can I extend a live training event after it started?
I am getting video with no audio, what should I do?
Does Strigo provide a REST API?
Asked to reset your password and didn't get the email?
Can I copy and paste text in the lab console?
I'm having trouble with the video in the classroom. What should I do?
Can I run multiple training events simultaneously?
Can I belong to more than one organization?
Can I change a training event's host?
Can I dial-in to a training event?
Which types of labs do you provide?
How many instructors can I add to my training organization?
Can I host public events?
Can I change my account's email?
Can I change my account's password?
Can I invite other instructors to help me teach?
I received a link to an event and want to attend. What do I do?
How many training events can I create in my account?
How many class templates can I create in my account?
How many attendees can attend a single event?
What types of payment do you accept?
Why can't I sign in with my email or Google account?
What's required to run Strigo?
Which browsers are supported by Strigo?
How can I use my own lab images?
How to change your keyboard language settings
Strigo says it cannot connect to my lab. What should I do?
Enable Camera and Microphone
What's the required screen resolution for Strigo to run?
User Role Permissions
Do we have a range of IPs allowed to use?