You sure can.
Strigo's virtual classroom gives you the ability to deliver your training with as many trainers as needed to make sure you provide the right experience for your students.

Each training event in Strigo has a host, who is in-charge or starting and administrating the event, as well as training assistants. Training assistants can monitor students' labs, assist them in 1 on 1 sessions as well as act as the classroom's presenter and lead the session.

To set up a multi-trainer session, you must first start with making sure your co-trainers are a part of your training team on Strigo.
For more information, please visit Creating and managing your team on Strigo

Once you have your team on board and your class-template ready to go, it's time to schedule your multi-trainer event. To do that, you will need to create a new event/edit an existing one, and add your team members via the Training Staff section, located on the right side of the event-edit page.
For more information, please visit Creating and starting a training event

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