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What to do if I cannot access my on-demand environment?
What to do if I cannot access my on-demand environment?

Successfully registered but still cannot access the environment?

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If you are trying to access a Strigo on-demand environment and see the image below, you have come to the right place.

What is Strigo?

Strigo is a training delivery solution. The company that provides your course has chosen to use Strigo to deliver hands-on training environments to it's students.

Why can't I access my environment?

There are two possible reasons:

1. Wrong email address
This might happen if the email you used when you enrolled to the course is not the same one used when creating your Strigo ID.

In order to access the environment, the email you enter in Strigo must match the same email you used when enrolling in the course-provider's system.
Use the "Try a different email" link and create a new Strigo-ID using the correct email.

2. Email not found in Strigo's system

From time-to-time, a student’s enrollment in the course-provider's registration system does not properly transfer to Strigo’s system.
As a result, Strigo does not identify your email address as an approved registrant.

We suggest reaching out to your contact with the course provider and let them know the issue. They should be able to register for the course again and confirm that you’re in the system.

Unfortunately, Strigo's team cannot enroll you without involving the course provider.

*Important note - After sorting this with your course provider, when returning to the environment link, and assuming you are not logged in to Strigo from your previous session - you can log-in using the Strigo ID you created earlier, there is no need to re-register.

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