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How are lab networks configured in Strigo?
How are lab networks configured in Strigo?

Understanding network access in Strigo's labs

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Strigo's labs allow attendees to access resources using full internet access, as well as access other labs for cross-lab interactions.

Network Access

Strigo's labs have all ports opened by default (both inbound and outbound). This is true for both internet access and cross-lab access.

Each lab has both dedicated public and private IP addresses (as well as resolvable DNS addresses).

Limiting network access

Note: Strigo does not currently allow limiting network access out of the box. We've aware of the need, and will provide a solution for this in the future.

To limit network access to your labs, you can use the firewall software provided with your lab resources' operating systems (most Linux and Windows distributions have them pre-installed).

Communicating between Labs

Strigo's lab resources can access one another via private and public networks. As mentioned above, all ports between all lab resources are open, and so you can configure access between the resources in whichever way suits your needs.

Note: If a static configuration is required to access other lab resources, is it highly recommended not to use public IP's or DNS, as these may change.

Creating virtual networks between lab resources

You may require a more complex network configuration between lab resources (for example, to create a network where IP's are static).
โ€‹Note: Strigo does not currently allow creating a virtual network between lab resources out of the box.

However, you may use SDN solutions (such as OpenVPN or Wireguard), and configure those using userdata (LINK) or our post-launch scripting layer (LINK) to configure more complex networks.

Retrieving Network Information

Within the classroom

You may need to retrieve information like the private or public IP address of a lab (or its DNS host name). This can be useful for communicating between lab resources or for accessing them outside of Strigo for different purposes.

To retrieve network information for a lab resource, click the cogwheel to right of the lab's name and then click "Machine Info". You can then copy any relevant information about the lab.

Using our REST API

You may use our REST API to retrieve lab network information.

When are lab IP's changed?

If you rely on having static IP's in your lab configuration, consider the following limitations:

  • A lab resource's public IP and public DNS can change when either replacing the lab resource or returning to an on-demand environment.ย 

  • Private IP's and public DNS should remain the same unless replacing the lab resource.

Differences between different operating systems

There's practically no difference in network access between operating systems. Whether you work with Windows, Linux, or a custom distribution, and as long as your software allows it, network access is configured similarly.

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