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I have a problem with audio/video in a live class.
I have a problem with audio/video in a live class.

This article offers way to fix the problem by yourself.

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If you run into any problem with audio, video, or screen-sharing, this article suggests different ways to troubleshoot that yourself.

Note: Before reading further, please make sure audio/video (and optionally chat) is enabled for your event. You can do that by going to the event's edit page (you can also do that by going to, clicking "Edit", checking the video/chat boxes, and clicking "Save".

Also Note: If you're using a VPN or are behind a corporate firewall, please make sure to refer to Option 5 below.


Here are some common problems that people run into with their audio/video during class.

  • I can't hear anyone else in the class.

  • I can't hear specific people in the class.

  • No one in the class can hear me.

  • Specific people in the class can't hear me.

  • Audio sounds "robotic".

  • I fail to broadcast video.

  • Everything was working, and suddenly the video went black.


The following are solutions you can try for yourself, in order to troubleshoot the problems mentioned above, or any other problem you might be experiencing relating to audio/video or screen-sharing.

Option 1 - Resolve auto-muted audio

If you are able to see people’s video stream, but cannot hear them, try clicking on the video box itself - anywhere on the video box should do the trick.

This is related to a browser policy that disables autoplay by default.

Once you interact with the web page (e.g. by clicking on the video box), the browser enables audio and you should start hearing.

Option 2 - Mind the A/V controls in the classroom

The problem could be with the audio/video controls in the classroom itself.

Make sure you unmuted yourself if you need audio and started broadcasting video if you also need video.

These controls should be available to you if the presenter has allowed participation in the open discussion, or if you are in a 1-on-1 session.

Option 3 - Make sure your browser has device access

The problem could be with the speaker/microphone/camera devices.

  1. Make sure the devices are connected well to your computer.

  2. Make sure the volume is adjusted properly.

  3. Make sure the browser allows permissions to the device.
    For every browser, this might a bit different.
    Either go to the browser settings and find the setting that controls permissions to media devices, or find the icon at the address bar of the browser that manages permissions to the media devices.

  4. If none of these work, make sure the devices are allowed access in the operating system level. This might change per operating system.

Option 4 - Check your browser

The problem could be with the browser.

  1. Try to refresh/reload the browser page.

  2. Try to close all browser windows and tabs, and then reopen the Strigo classroom in the browser.

  3. Try to disable extensions/addons/ad-blockers in the browser.

  4. Try to open the browser in incognito/private mode.

  5. Try another browser, if that's possible for you.

Option 5 - Check for network restrictions

The problem could be with a restriction on the network level that interferes with audio/video traffic.

  1. As mentioned above, if you're working with a VPN, try to disable that.

  2. If you know of a specific network appliance or restriction, try to disable that.

  3. If not, try to contact your system administrator to inquire about such restrictions.

  4. If possible, try to use another network (even a mobile hotspot network, even if only for the sake of testing).

Option 6 - Look for an interfering app

The problem could be with some other application, in the browser or a native app, that just interferes with Strigo's ability to connect to your media devices. This would usually be any application on your computer that is currently running and making use of your microphone, camera, or speaker.

Try to close any such app, and refresh/reload the Strigo classroom page.

Additional resources

Connectivity test

As a general guideline, you are encouraged to run this connectivity test.

At the end of the test, at the bottom of the page, you will be able to collect the test results and communicate them to the classroom's trainer or to Strigo's support.


Here is a list of the prerequisites to run Strigo.

Please make sure all of the requirements are fulfilled.

Consult your system administrator if needs be.

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