Keyboards come with various layouts and languages, which are specific to a given country or region. Strigo allows you to update your keyboard language to best suit your needs. When setting your language you will not only have to do it on your local computer but you will also need to do it within your Virtual Machine.


  1. Select your Lab

  2. Select the Virtual Machine operating system language

  3. Select the matching operating system language on your local Computer

  4. Navigate back to Strigo and Select the keyboard you would like to use by clicking on the language option to the right of the bottom bar (see screenshot)


  1. Select your Lab

  2. Select the Gear Icon

  3. Select Keyboard Language Settings

  4. Select the Keyboard you would like to use

  5. Select Change

  6. Select the matching Keyboard on your local Computer

Please note: Your Virtual Machine and local Computer must be in the same language

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