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Do we have a range of IPs allowed to use?
Do we have a range of IPs allowed to use?
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When talking about IPs, Strigo usually gives two options, it might depend on what you are exactly looking for:

  • If you want to access a simple view into one of our labs in your browser, you can try the following:

  1. Whitelist our labs subdomain (* - usually corporate gateways can list entire domains and not specific IP addresses.

  2. Then you should be able to access any of our labs by its DNS record (this link looks like To know more about accessing your labs using Strigo's Dynamic DNS please check this article.

Another thing that you might run into is a corporate restriction on HTTP traffic (rather than HTTPS) - if that scenario pops up you should also allow all HTTP traffic to our labs' subdomain in the firewall policy.

Remember Strigo can also provide the "Webview" interface in the labs instead, so the IPs above won't need to be accessed at all. You can check more about webview on this article.

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