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New Strigo Admin Console
New Strigo Admin Console

A new infrastructure with a familiar look!

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We've redesigned our Admin console's infrastructure to allow faster development times and increased reliability. We also introduced a new design system to make the application more streamlined. While doing these, we tried to keep the application's structure close to the previous one, so you should feel right at home when switching to the new version.

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New Features:

Set Timezone

In the past, admins and instructors would schedule classes outside of their timezone which were at times challenging. Now users will be able to schedule events by timezone.

Invitation Template

When you create a new event, you will be able to Copy an invitation template with the Event URL, Access Token, and connectivity test.

Sort On-Demand Enrollees

You can now easily sort Enrollees (both enrolled and finished) by any of the fields.

Expire Enrollments

You can now Expire individual or multiple enrollments. This can be done anytime during the enrollment's lifecycle (as long as it's not already expired or finished).

After clicking Expire, a popup will appear confirming the action:

Lab Exercises - Github Integration

In addition to creating exercises directly on Strigo, you can now fetch from Github. More Information on the Strigo - Github integration

With VILT reports, training teams can monitor their VILT activity and analyze their class performance.

Metrics include:

  • Breakdown by class

  • Total number of learners

  • Total number of events

  • Avg event size

  • Avg trainer : learner ratio

Event analytics enable training teams to improve their VILT training experience, by providing visibility.

Metrics include:

  • Learners' activity graph (presents the % of active learners over time)

  • Chat participation analysis

  • Learners' Enroll > Join conversion rate (for private events)

  • Active time per learner (as part of the attendees' table, which can now be exported).

Duplicate Class

Sometimes you need the same materials from one class for another but don't want to add the information all over again you now have the ability to duplicate a class. When you are in your class, you click Duplicate Class on the top right. Naming conventions will default to “Copy of” but you’re able to rename it. Once duplicated, you’ll be routed to the duplicate class.

Extend On-Demand Enrollment

Sometimes learners run out of time on their course before they're able to complete it. Now you can extend an On-Demand enrollment for a learner from the On-Demand course. Click here to learn how.

You can extend Activity hours, Duration time, or both. If you only extend one, the other must be marked as 0. Only users who have time left can receive an extension. If the user ran out of time and the lab terminated, you will not be able to extend the enrollment for them.

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