Strigo Academy - Previewing a course

How to preview your courses before you put them in front of real audience

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After you had successfully created and published a course, it's time to preview what it looks like in-app.


In order to preview a course, you will have to install the Strigo Chrome Extension.

This will inject Strigo into a specific URL so that the Strigo in-app panel will appear.

How to preview a specific course?

On the course page, click the Preview button.

You will be prompted to install the Chrome Extension if you hadn't already.

You will also be prompted to decide the URL where you want to preview if you hadn't determined that in your Account Settings yet.

How to preview the whole Academy panel?

Follow the article about the Chrome Extension to understand how to specify a specific domain where the Strigo Academy panel should be embedded for previewing.

Please note:

  1. Only courses in status Online will appear in this preview.

  2. Courses for which Access was set to Restricted will only appear for your user if your user belongs to a group that's associated with the course (read more about Audience Segmentation).

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